Man On Fire

In this light painting tutorial I’ll explain how to create the fire effect in the above photo. If you aren’t familiar with light painting, check out this post to understand the basics. What you need eveready electric glow sticks (no, the company does not compensate me for telling you to buy their brand, these glow sticks just work better than others for this effect) a flash or flash light How you do it Overexpose the area behind your subject with a flash or torch, but maintain a dark silhouette. … »

A Perfect Cirlce

A Perfect Circle, besides being one of my favorite bands, is also an easy and cool light painting trick. What you need A paint roller and handle A stand to mount the paint roller onto. I use a stand from a utility light. Some lights to tape onto the roller handle. I like strips of LEDs, cold cathodes, and toy swords that light up. Lights I’ve used Citylites LED Stick Cold Cathodes Light Up Toy Swords What you do Tape some lights onto the paint roller handle and attach the roller to the light stand. … »

Light Painting Primer

Often times, people have a hard time believing you can create this kind of stuff with out the one stop cure-all miracle known as Photoshop. The approach and methods for creating a light painting are very simple and straightforward. All right, so here’s the basic idea. What you need: A camera with a manual shutter speed, preferably bulb mode. Tripod Shutter release, I use the wireless canon rc-1. It has one button and an on/off switch. … »