Manual Lenses: Balancing Fire and Sky

The light work is only half of the equation in a light painting. Making sure the location is visible is just as important, if not more so. Using bright lights or pyro make it tough to get a nice balanced exposure that really shows off your environment. This, in turn, can render your act of trespassing and wading through muddy snake ridden waters entirely pointless. One solution is using a manual aperture lens. … »

Disecting Photons

I really dig fog. A lot. A whole hell of a lot actually. 🙂 I even wrote about using it in long exposure photography a few months ago. For this one, the idea was simple and the execution was fast. It’s only a 14 second exposure. Here’s how it went down. First off, I set up a speedlite (@ 1⁄4 power) with a wireless trigger about 25ft in front of the camera. … »

Shaping EL Wire

Electroluminescent wire (el wire for short) has been used by light painting artists for several years. It’s most common use is creating a glowing smokey effect (ex. 1). A less common use is mounting it onto objects and creating defined shapes and patterns (ex 2). ex 1 : For this photo, blue el wire was taped onto a long stick to get the plumes of light so far above the head of the subject. … »